Do Air Filters Help with Indoor Allergies?

Air purifiers are an effective way to eliminate the source of allergies, trapping dust, pollen and other contaminants floating in the air we breathe. However, they should not replace prescription drugs. Using a HEPA filter in your home can remove most airborne particles that could worsen allergies. But airborne particles aren't the only ones in your home. It is important to keep areas such as carpets, bedding and curtains clean, and to eliminate the source of allergens and irritants where possible.

For example, the only effective way to keep tobacco smoke out of your home is to stop smoking. Remember to change the filter regularly, usually every 3 months. A professional HVAC company must install a whole-house HEPA filter and it must be the right size for your air handling unit, to protect the life of the equipment and ensure that air passes through and not around the HEPA filter. Improperly sized air filtration systems can cause the unit to freeze or burn and, in some cases, void the manufacturer's warranty. For homes without central HVAC, or if you have pets indoors, a HEPA room air purifier may be beneficial. It is still important to take care of deposited dust deposits and keep pets out of the bedroom.

The room air purifier must be suitable for cleaning the air in the room in which it is being used. Don't expect it to clean an entire house and remember: only particles that pass through the air filter will be captured. Air Purifiers Can Help with Respiratory Health, and Not Just When It Comes to Allergies. Just make sure you buy one that uses a suitable HEPA filter and avoids any products that produce ozone. Cheri Wright, marketing director at Kaz, the company that makes Honeywell air purifiers, said the devices clean indoor air of microscopic dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles.

You can look up the Clean Air Supply Rate (CADR) to determine how many particles and square feet an air purifier can reach. For several weeks now, the rooms in my apartment have been circling with the sound of half a dozen portable air purifiers I've been testing, each of which supposedly removes allergens, pollutants and odors from my indoor air. In the case of pet dander, particles that cause pet allergies can be removed by using an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter. People notice a difference in air quality more if the air purifier is left running for extended periods of time compared to turning it off every few hours. It also has a filter tracker that can tell you how many hours of runtime your filter has before it needs to be replaced. The Greentech Environmental PureAir Active HEPA+ air purifier with OdoGard Pro is the perfect choice for anyone who wants all the details of a high-end air purifier without the background noise. The air scrubber is designed to remove large particles, so while it may not leak things like annoying odors, it is suitable for dust and pollen.

We also love the versatility of custom filters, which include options such as germ defense, pet allergy, odor eliminator, or toxin absorber, all of which will improve air quality and hopefully help alleviate some allergy symptoms. The appliance industry has established a clean air supply rate (CADR) to allow consumers to adapt the right room air purifier to the room they want to treat. An air purifier removes particles, gases, and other contaminants from indoor air, making the air cleaner to breathe. For example, HEPA filters can clean smaller particles such as tobacco smoke and medium and large particles such as dust and pollen from the air and can have a high CADR. Over the years, the Federal Trade Commission has taken action against several manufacturers of air purifiers including brands such as Honeywell and Oreck for baseless allergy relief claims or for announcing that their devices removed virtually all impurities from the indoor air that people breathed. Otherwise, Carver says some people might need a dehumidifier if they live in a humid environment because “if the air is too humid, air purifiers won't work properly. To help you filter your options and help you breathe a little easier we spoke to an expert and compared several different brands for this list of our picks for the best air purifiers for allergies.

For pet owners an air purifier like Germ Guardian is a great way to reduce the amount of hair and dander from pets that float in the air and fall on all floors and furniture.

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